Bringing you African inspired premium exotic clothing and luxury rustic interior decorations.

Kozi & Rusti Company is a UK based clothing and interior design company known for its chic African eccentric-fashion clothing and rustic interior decorations.  K&R sells men's (K&R Men) and women's (K&R Women) clothing, as well as children's clothing (K&R Kids) and home decorations (K&R Home).

Our Vision

As a new company in the industry, we aim to disrupt the market with impeccably stylish and beautifully designed African products, principally in traditional colours. With our core four values: appeal, colour, texture and culture. K&R aspires to introduce a concept of “African design fast fashion” in the global fashion World and create responsible passion for fashion amongst a broad spectrum of consumers, spread across different cultures and age groups. 

We aim to build our capability to ensure we stay abreast with rapidly changing fashion trends and showcase our collections with very little delay while offering clothing and decoration collections that are a combination of high quality and as well as affordable. To ensure success and deliver value, we have put high emphasise in our design thought, styles, quality and attention to details in our products. 

Our Winning Strategy

Lean Go to Market Chain

Innovative Fashionable Designs

Style Diversification

Sustainably Empower Suppliers

Customer Co-creation

Brand Culture

Management Team

Mary Mado Byukusenge, Founding Director and Fashion Designer

Ruth Adams, Founding Director and Fashion Designer

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